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Hello there! My name is Rick Kaselj, also known worldwide as the “Pain Hacker.” I’m a renowned Fitness Trainer, Injury Prevention Specialist, Author, International Speaker, and Registered Kinesiologist with a Masters of Science Degree.

Since 1994, I’ve shown thousands of people how to overcome debilitating physical pain through my breakthrough fitness and exercise programs, enabling them to lead the full active lives they deserve.

You’ve probably read about my many acclaimed pain-relieving exercise and fitness programs, which have been featured in leading magazines and websites, including Men’s Health magazine,,  Men’s Journal and many more.

I have a quick question for you…
How does your body feel first thing in the morning?
Do you suffer from intense joint stiffness the moment you open your eyes?
Are your morning aches and pains so debilitating that it’s difficult to even crawl out of bed? 
Do you wake up in such physical distress that it’s a struggle to prepare for your day, making you frequently late for work?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re in the company of millions of others who experience so much chronic joint stiffness, aches, soreness, tightness, and pain every morning…  it’s a challenge for them to get up and get moving.

While you might be tempted to take medication for your morning pains… keep in mind that prescription and over-the-counter drugs only provide temporary relief and are often ineffective. They can also include some dangerous side effects.

So, what’s the solution for ending your morning misery?
Is there one?
I’m here with some exciting news!
I’ve Created The Safest, Most Effective, And Scientifically Proven Top 10 Morning Exercises That Quickly Relieve Stiff Joints And Aching, Sore Muscles. 
You’ll Finally Be Able To Enjoy Each Day Pain-Free With Full Mobility!

I personally developed the 'Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints' program after spending thousands of hours researching client files, meticulously analyzing the latest findings in exercise research, and conducting hands-on testing with hundreds of individuals to find the most effective movements to quickly relieve morning stiffness and pain.

I’m so incredibly proud of these Top 10 Morning Movements, as they’ve relieved chronic morning stiffness and pain for thousands of people, enabling them to live the full active lives they deserve.

I wish you could see the hundreds of grateful emails that flood my inbox each day from those who report “The Top 10 Morning Exercises to Loosen Up Your Joints” have virtually eliminated their morning discomfort…  even getting many of them off dangerous pain medication.
The Best Part?
You Can Easily Perform These Morning Movements No Matter The State Of Your Health, How “Old” You Are, Or Even If You’re A “Couch Potato” Who Never Exercised Before In Your Life.
In Fact, You Don’t Even Need To Leave Your Bed To Do Them!

Keep in mind that private clients pay me hundreds of dollars to learn these top secret pain-relieving morning movements.

But I believe pain-free mornings shouldn’t be reserved solely for the “rich”. They should be available to everybody, regardless of their income brackets.

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Why am I giving away these top secret movements that I could literally charge thousands of dollars for?  Have I gone completely bonkers?

I’m on a mission to help every single person who suffers from joint stiffness, soreness, tightness and extreme pain each morning to finally obtain relief through my Top 10 Morning Movements To Loosen Up Your Joints.

I’m offering you this FREE DVD so you have absolutely NO excuse not to begin loosening up first thing tomorrow morning.

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These Incredible Top 10 Morning Movements Work for ANYONE at Any Age or Fitness Level!
In this FREE DVD, you’ll receive a complete toolbox of 10 highly effective movements that will loosen up your joints and entire body. By performing these safe and easy Top 10 Morning Movements, you’ll quickly gain…
  • Improved Flexibility...
  • Greater Range of Motion...
  • Higher Level of Body Performance...
  • Reduced Inflammation...
  • More Limber Joints...
  • Fewer Aches and Pains...
  • Decreased Muscle Pain and Soreness...
  • Enhanced Mobility...
  • Enhanced Quality of Life...
  • The Return of Your Joyful, Active, and Pain-Free Life!
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When you order today, you get The Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints DVD and 7 Best Daily Habits for a Healthy Happy Back.

Opening your eyes every morning and knowing the exact movements to instantly loosen up stiff joints, tight muscles and your entire body...
No longer suffering from a nagging stiff neck, aching back, and other morning aches and pains.
Waking up feeling great and excited to face each new day pain-free with full mobility.
In This FREE DVD, “The Top 10 Morning Movements to Loosen Up Your Joints”, You’ll Learn Gentle Movements That Safely And Effectively Relieve Joint Stiffness And Morning Pains From The Moment You Open Your Eyes.
You’ll receive simple, step-by-step instructions for each of the 10 Morning Movements, which you can easily complete while sitting, standing, or even while you’re still in bed…
Morning Movement #1
Start your day off on the right foot with this revolutionary movement that relieves stiffness, pain and soreness in your toes and feet.
Morning Movement #2
Many people experience stiffness and pain in their ankle region and lower legs upon awakening, and this breakthrough movement immediately loosens up tight joints and increases flexibility in those often neglected areas.
Morning Movement #3
Relieve morning tightness, stiffness, soreness, and pain in your hips with this easy-to-follow, yet powerful, movement.
Morning Movement #4
This is one of the most effective exercises for loosening up and lubricating your joints, and increasing overall flexibility throughout your entire body.
Morning Movement #5
A powerful movement for reducing morning stiffness in your legs, ankles and feet, and ensuring they remain fully flexible for the rest of the day.
Morning Movement #6
One of the most effective morning movements to quickly relieve knee, hip and back pain, and increase flexibility.
Morning Movement #7
You'll love this movement for loosening up the upper body, and relieving stiffness and pain in the upper body, shoulders, back and arms.
Morning Movement #8
Obtain instant relief from that painful morning stiff neck and tight, achy shoulders with this highly effective movement.  
Morning Movement #9
A great morning movement for loosening up stiff joints in the fingers, wrists and hands, and ensuring they remain flexible throughout the day. 
Morning Movement #10
Say "goodbye" forever to morning soreness, tightness, stiffness and pain in the elbows, arms and hands with this easy-to-follow movement.
Think these 10 movements can only be performed in the morning? Think Again! 
These Marvelous Movements Are So Incredibly Powerful… You Can Use Them To Loosen Up Your Joints And Instantly Relieve Stiffness…
Morning, Noon and  Night!
Once you learn these 10 morning movements, you’ll be able to use them to relax stiff joints and tight muscles throughout the day after extended periods of sitting, or whenever you need to quickly loosen up your entire body.
No time to watch a video in the morning?
No Problem!
You’ll also receive digital access to this beautifully designed reference guide (PDF) that you can refer to while practicing your Top 10 Morning Movements.
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"7 Best Daily Habits for a Healthy Happy Back"
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Does your back constantly feel stiff, achy and slow you down? If you’re suffering from back pain or would like to ensure your back remains strong, healthy and pain-free, this DVD is an absolute must-have.
Need more convincing?
Read a few glowing testimonials from those who are now enjoying pain-free mornings, thanks to “The Top 10 Morning Movements”:
"Your exercises have changed my life. I have been in constant pain for 15 years."
Shelley Watson, Carmel, CA

"I just wanted to say thank you for providing what I needed to resolve my hip problem! After following your exercises, I went through work all day with no pain and no pain medication. Yeah!

Thanks so much for a simple answer to a problem I have been dealing with for months."

Tracy Walker, North Carolina
"Before I used the information, I couldn’t walk normally for at least the first 15 minutes each morning. After using the program, I only have a little pain, but it eventually all got better with continued attention."
Cher Anderson, Athens, TN
"Thank you Rick, you saved my career!"
Marco Mura, Professional Forester, Sardegna, Italy

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To your pain-free mornings,
Rick Kaselj

“The Pain Hacker”

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P.P.S. Remember... regardless of the state of your health, age, or even if you’re a “couch potato” who never exercised a day before in your life… these amazing morning movements WILL work for you to relieve your chronic morning stiffness, soreness and pain.

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