3 American Doctors Make Astounding New Discovery for Anyone With Insulin Resistance, Pre- or Type 2 Diabetes...

Do This 30-Second Stretch After You Eat to Instantly DROP YOUR BLOOD SUGAR by up to 26%

Scientifically proven to lower your blood glucose in minutes… and I’ll show you exactly how to do it…from the comfort of your favorite couch!

Plus I’ll reveal a natural 2-step system that can: 

  • Eliminate painful pinpricks…
  • Get you off expensive drugs & insulin injections…
  • Even REVERSE your Type 2 Diabetes entirely!

“I’m sorry Rick, but your blood glucose is WAY too high…"

“If you don’t make some changes, and quick, we’ll be having a VERY different conversation next time.”

The doctor pointed at my feet.

Then his face turned dark. He stared me down, and without smiling, he asked:

“Do you like your legs?”

“Of course,” I said.

“Well, if this keeps up -- wave them goodbye.”

“Walking... running… skiing with your boys — kiss that farewell too.”

I was scared straight… I had no idea my blood sugar was on the fast-track to Type 2 diabetes

Drenched in cold sweat, my mind started to spin.

And at first I thought the groggy afternoons… mad bathroom dashes... ...sugar cravings… and excess weight —

Was all just part of getting older.

Boy, was I wrong. And downright embarrassed.

The last 30 years of my life have been dedicated to keeping people healthy...

Yet there I was, shivering on the cold metal seat.

As my doctor told me I was looking down the barrel of insulin resistance.

Today, I’ll share the story of how this terrifying encounter led me to discover a bizarre — but clinically-proven diabetes solution.

And, incredibly...

How this weird “arm wave” can instantly start dropping your blood sugar levels by 44 points

I know that might sound absurd, even made up.

But I’ll show you how multiple independent studies from these prestigious universities… now verify it as scientific FACT.

The stunned doctors behind these studies found that this stretch is:

An alternative to resisted exercises to lower the blood glucose level.”

What’s more — I’ll prove to you why this works – read further on this page.

  • That way — you’ll have a reliable trick to quickly lower your blood sugar in a pinch — anytime you need it...
  • Don’t worry it has nothing to do with cinnamon (or any other silly gimmicks you might’ve seen on the internet)...
  • I’ll also reveal an incredible “Eskimo nutrient” the Big Pharma executives don’t want you to know about…

9 out of 10 diabetics who added this nutrient to their diet — not only lost one pound per week… but many completely eliminated their diabetes medications. Read on to discover the shocking story...

That unlocks an abundance of natural energy in your body.

And even helps you shed extra pounds from your waistline.

In places where this special nutrient is consumed…

Diabetes has been nonexistent for thousands of years.

Incredibly, adding this 1 remedy to your life is clinically proven to get people off expensive drugs, test strips & insulin shots.

Men and women, at any age.

I’ll cover all of that and more in a moment.

But as I stood there stunned by my doctor’s words, he said:

“8 Million Americans have no CLUE they’re on a silent march towards a living hell of diabetes complications”

I shuddered as he listed off the risks of what I was facing, if I didn’t make a sudden change:

  • Blindness…
  • Stroke…
  • Heart disease…
  • Ulcers…
  • Kidney failure...
  • Weak circulation…
  • Permanent nerve damage...
  • And, foot or leg amputation.

If you have diabetes, you’re up to 20 times more likely to require an amputation. But my simple 2-step solution could prevent you from EVER suffering this painful & humiliating procedure.

Gone unchecked long enough, this can kill you, Rick.”

He had my attention.

I hope I have yours, because if you’ve ever heard the following advice and wondered why it never works, you’re not alone.

My doctor told me the same thing:

“Quit eating sweets, kick the soda & get some exercise” — you’ve heard it all before…

But TODAY I’ll Finally Prove why That Stale Advice Doesn’t Work

As well-meaning as my doctor was, exercise was already part of my daily routine.

I was eating a low-fat diet with plenty of vegetables, too.

But as I’d later find out…

  • Not only is fatigue, dry mouth, excess fat & insomnia not caused by bad choices or weak discipline...
  • But these common symptoms of insulin resistance can all be fixed naturally, from your own home.

I’ll prove you exactly how today, with a simple 2-step system you can use from the comfort of your own home.

You’re starting to see why — Today — I feel ten feet tall…

Thrilled to share this life-changing information with you.

A recent breakthrough that means you can finally control your blood sugar metabolism -- WITHOUT drugs, high-intensity workouts or daunting meal plans.

But back in that cold office, I felt tiny…

Slumped over, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt stuck on me like a bad smell.

Not only had my ignorance endangered myself, but my wife and kids who rely on me.

The drive home was a blur.

The echoes of the doctor’s warning on replay in my mind:

“Every 20 seconds another person drops dead from diabetes. Please Rick, don’t be another sad statistic.”

Lost in a whirlpool of confusion, I found myself exactly where millions of people do.

Struggling with insulin resistance and high blood sugar… or... already diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes…

Terrified of ending up blind, with kidney failure, or waking up to fleshy stumps where your feet used to be…

I know how frustrating it can be.

How confusing it is balancing what you read online, hear from your doctor & feel inside your own body.

How nobody seems to have the faintest idea what you have to deal with on a daily basis.

(Especially the ones closest to you.)

And how the “most advanced” healthcare system in the world still can’t solve your blood sugar problems...

It’s downright MADDENING.

It’s no wonder stories like mine are so common…

Today I’ll show you the shocking reason it’s not your fault (It’ll make you mad as heck)

For decades, the medical establishment has been doling out information that ranges from confusing… to downright false… to borderline murderous.

(I’ll detail the shocking bribe Harvard accepted in 1964 — which altered the course of diabetes in America forever.)

And it wasn’t until my own close call with insulin resistance — that I took it upon myself to discover the TRUTH about diabetes my doctor wasn’t telling me…

A wild, research-fueled journey I’ll share with you, which led me to discover:

For decades, the medical establishment has been doling out information that ranges from confusing… to downright false… to borderline murderous.

The Full-Time Job
Nobody Understands

Just cut the carbs & hit the treadmill. If I were you that’s what I’d do to fix my diabetes” Ugh!!! If only it were that easy. The moment you wake up, a non-stop cycle of stress begins:

  • Testing your blood sugar
  • Exercising
  • Prepping a healthy meal before your glucose levels drop too low
  • Testing again
  • Taking medications
  • Replacing your Lancet

Every second of your day revolves around managing your never-ending condition. Kept worrying about the carbs you ate… anxious that 1 little mistake could send you rushing to the ER… it simply isn’t fair.Nobody gets how hard it is to keep your blood sugar under control. Nobody deserves to live this way. That’s why I can’t wait to show you my stretching solution you can start using today -- to instantly drop 44 points off your blood sugar.

(I’ll detail the shocking bribe Harvard accepted in 1964 — which altered the course of diabetes in America forever.)

And it wasn’t until my own close call with insulin resistance — that I took it upon myself to discover the TRUTH about diabetes my doctor wasn’t telling me…

A wild, research-fueled journey I’ll share with you, which led me to discover:

The astonishing 30-second stretch
I’ll reveal on this page today...

Even more exciting, new science shows:

  • The less energy you use, the better this stretch lowers your blood sugar (Yes! Being lazy is the BEST way to use this easy move)...
  • After you eat -- it “pulls a plug” in your body -- so sugar can drain out of your blood & into your cells for clean energy…
  • When you combine this move with 1 “Eskimo food” eaten by Inuit Tribes — studies show you can REVERSE your Type 2 diabetes permanently (hint: it’s not fish)

And if that sounds strange, or hard to believe…

Let me assure you: this is not hype.

In a university study of 4,660 adults — the trick I’ll reveal not only lowered blood sugar… but also improved insulin resistance.

So if you’ve been struggling to manage your blood sugar...

Trying every exercise routine and diet without success...

I’m here to tell you: it’s not your fault.

The outdated advice given by most well-meaning doctors doesn’t attack the root cause of insulin resistance and diabetes (but this does…)

Today, I’ll tell you what DOES get to the root cause of diabetes, how to fix it...

And my trick for seeing a near-instant 26% drop in your blood sugar levels.

First, allow me a quick introduction:

Hi, I’m Rick Kaselj, the founder of Exercises for Injuries, a renowned health publishing company.

From eliminating low back & hip pain, to pioneering low-impact weight loss methods, to ending the most crippling chronic pain…

My science-backed health solutions have improved the life of 200,000+ people since 1999.

So when I was personally confronted with my own blood sugar “crisis”...

I couldn’t believe it!

“How could this be happening to me? I ski all winter and hike all summer. And I eat well too.”

Like most people, I thought my active lifestyle and low-fat diet were keeping me OUT of the diabetes “danger zone.”

(Little did I know, I was hurling myself towards it…)

So when I dove headfirst into the latest diabetes research…

I was shocked to discover:

The disgusting actions of the big-money medical establishment virtually guaranteed diabetes
would become a deadly scourge in modern life

Chances are, you too have been affected by their unquenchable thirst for profit, at the expense of everyday people.

But I assure you...

When you’re done reading today’s brief presentation, now only will you have a newfound hope and relief.

You’ll also have a nifty tool to naturally lower your blood glucose levels.

Because today I’m going to give you…

My exact 2-step system to start lowering your blood sugar — even reverse your diabetes -- with a few easy tweaks to how you eat & stretch

Here’s my promise...

I absolutely will not ask you to:

  • Drastically change your lifestyle...
  • Start taking cold showers... shots of ginger juice… or any other silly internet “hack”...
  • Do grueling cardio, weightlifting, or sweaty “fad” workout classes.

You know why?

Because my 2-Step Diabetes Solution Does NOT Require Any Cardio or Cutting Out Carbs Completely

That’s right, my blood sugar solution doesn’t make you sweat through your shirt.

(Or even sweat at all.)

Better yet...

You can follow this 2-step diabetes solution:

  • From the seat of your car
  • Sitting in bed after you wake up
  • Standing in line at the grocery store or bank

In fact, anyone at any age can effortlessly do this stretch.

(Many of my clients are 70 years or older.)

Plus, all my favorite foods are still sitting in my pantry. And yes, I still get to enjoy them too...

Without relying on one of Big Pharma’s expensive drugs.

Because with my approach: there are no dirty chemicals at all.

It’s a truly natural way that turns your cells into a fat-burning FURNACE -- torching ugly body fat in your face, hips, thighs & glutes.

Allowing you to enjoy filling, delicious meals like this bacon burger…

This mouthwatering cut of steak, drenched in butter:

This giant plate of yummy pasta:

Even this delectable, silky chocolate brownie:

Now you’re starting to see why this solution keeps on working:

Because you don’t need to deprive yourself to control your blood sugar (and keep it down).

And you don’t need the willpower of a marathon runner to make the simple changes I’ll recommend.

How is this possible?

It wasn’t until it became personal. Because once my doctor delivered the gut-punch warning — that I was in the fast lane to diabetes —

I was forced to find my own way.

A new way..

That’s when I immerse myself in clinical diabetes research...

And discovered the solution that would change my life.

Thousands of pages of research later I stumbled on a BOMBSHELL discovery from 3 American doctors -- who may have just “cracked the diabetes code”

Like me, these genius doctors realized many folks with pre-diabetes or Type 2...

Simply cannot perform the rigorous running, weightlifting, biking, jumping jacks and whatever-the-heck else they expect you to do.

Plus, many of these high-impact workouts are downright dangerous to anyone with joint issues or chronic pain.

These 3 doctors, deeply affected by the plague of diabetes in their home states of Hawaii, Louisiana and Tennessee…

(Where a staggering 15% or more residents suffer from diabetes...)

Started by asking 1 simple question that would change the world forever:

“Why… after so many advances in the field of blood sugar research… are MORE people getting diabetes than ever before?”

Until recently, it’s a question I’d never have thought to ask…

And when I found the answer, you’ll be just as shocked as I was.

You might even agree, as I do, that these 3 doctors deserve nothing less than a Nobel Prize.

But unfortunately, due to the vested interests of Big Pharma and major food corporations…

…it’s likely this groundbreaking research — and the contribution these 3 men made to public health at large — will never reach the mainstream public.

(Warning: I could be forced to take down this web page at any time — so please — if you struggle with diabetes… do not miss the end of this urgent presentation.)

But also realize this 1 simple stretch is just the tip of the iceberg...

This WILL get you started...

But I ALSO recommend a few more gentle stretches to receive the full benefits. What else, stretching is just HALF of my 2-step blood sugar solution….

(No, “Step 2” is not eating kale salads… starving yourself… or running up stairs.)

Actually, it has to do with 1 delicious “Eskimo food” -- that can completely eliminate your dependence on diabetes medications.

I’ll tell you what it is in a minute...

But in order to understand how this was all possible...

I have to make an embarrassing confession: I never knew you could fix diabetes using totally natural methods

25% of Type 2 diabetics who develop a foot ulcer require an amputation. But unlock the easy 2-step fix below and you’ll never worry about losing a toe, foot, or leg again.

Much less stretching!

Which is why I had to personally flirt with disaster...

And risk dangerously high blood sugar levels in my body.

But here’s the really scary part...

1 in 4 people with diabetes don’t know they have it. 

Or that a WAR is raging inside their cells, and as glucose piles up in their bloodstream...

It turns corrosive — like battery acid flooding your system.

A potentially deadly process that can:

  • Crush your kidneys — until you’re a lifelong prisoner to the dialysis machine...
  • Burst tiny veins in your eyeballs, causing you to go BLIND: Never again able to gaze at loved ones… enjoy nature… or even watch your favorite team on TV.
  • Dull the nerve endings in your feet & legs as ulcer wounds form, and eat away at your skin like rotten apples…
  • Forcing your doctor to pull out the bonesaw & cut off a leg or foot.

For Colin R. from Nashville -- this gruesome fate was his only resort.

Because by the time he decided to take things seriously…

It was already too late.

Colin didn’t know they were going to saw off his toes that day…

It’s scary to think...

I could have been the one -- thinking the ER nurse was having a laugh...

When she lowered her voice, and said:

“Colin, that toe will be coming off today.”

But it wasn’t a joke.

And 3 hours later…

When Colin awoke from emergency surgery...

He looked down and saw 2 fleshy “knubs” where his toes used to be. 

What began as a few black bruises, had quickly spiraled into a hellish nightmare.

One he never could’ve dreamed would happen to a normal “healthy” 50-year old.

But the truth is uglier than fiction.

Because even after parting with 2 toes...

Colin still ignored their warnings, and he kept up eating sweets, drinking soda, living the life he was used to…

Until one day he discovered a terrible ulcer growing under his mangled foot…

But because Colin’s high blood pressure had deadened his nerves — he couldn’t feel any pain.

Hobbling back to the ER, he feared the worst was yet to come.

He watched in horror as they cut his leg clean off… 

He recalls the bonesaw vibrating his whole body during the second amputation surgery.

What happened to Colin is tragic, plain and simple.

Yet, stories like his are all too common.

“Doctors told me to stop eating sausage rolls and biscuits but I didn’t…now I’ve lost my leg.”

— Colin Rattray from Nashville, TN | Diabetic Amputee

1 in 4 diabetics who develop a foot ulcer eventually require an amputation.

If you have diabetes, you’re up to 20 times more likely to require an amputation.

Failing to control his diabetes was the single worst mistake of Colin’s life.

But his gruesome fate won’t be yours if you follow my 2 simple steps today

(And, thanks to the science-backed method I’ll uncover -- you don’t have to quit eating your favorite foods either.)

Because the 2-step blood sugar solution I’ve discovered not only gives you a quick glucose-lowering “fix”...

But also a long-lasting, natural remedy to potentially eliminate prescription meds and insulin… and even reverse your Type 2 diabetes entirely.

Imagine Being Free From:

  • Checking your blood sugar 3 times a day
  • Forking over hard-earned cash for test strips & expensive medicines
  • Sticking yourself with painful needles ever again

Now, of course I can’t promise you’ll achieve those exact results.

But after seeing the remarkable changes that occurred — not only in my own body — but in thousands of clinical research participants…

I do believe it is possible to heal your blood sugar naturally.

This 2-step approach unleashed a waterfall of health benefits (but I wasn’t the only one)  

After adding this 2-step routine into my life…

The difference was night & day:

  • My normal sugar cravings were completely gone
  • Suddenly -- I started feeling full (even hours after eating)
  • WHAT’S MORE: my “cloudy brain” was sharp as a tack again -- ready to handle any challenge
  • And when I checked the scale — excess pounds had flown off my body

The incredible science behind this little-known approach traces back to the 3 doctors I mentioned before.

Frankly, the results were nothing less than astounding.

All participants of their secret research study, both men and women...

Were given a high-sugar, high-carb meal... told to do a few easy stretches...

Then, just minutes later...

The doctors tested their HbA1c levels to see what happened.

And what they discovered shocked them beyond belief.

When the Baffled Doctors Saw That Blood Sugar Levels Dropped 26% -- They Realized They’d Discovered a Legitimate “Alternative to Exercise”

And it didn’t take months of rigorous work… it took mere minutes.

Hurrying to publish their findings in the renowned Journal of Physiotherapy

They reported these at-home stretching moves:

Even better, further studies proved that the lazier you are… the better these stretches work to lower your HbA1c. 

It’s all thanks to a nifty little protein in your cells called G4.

When G4 is activated, it drains sugar out of your cells, so it doesn’t get stored as fat. 

Which is a common problem for anyone struggling with insulin resistance.

You can think of G4 as the drain to your sink.

  • In the same way a drain empties dirty water from your sink...
  • Your G4 protein empties sugar out of your blood.

However, for many people over 40…

Due to stress, a sedentary lifestyle, or insulin resistance — your G4 protein simply stops working, and “clogs up.”

That’s why what these doctors discovered is so remarkable…

Because for ages we never knew a safe, effective, EASY way to turn G4 on and off.

In a moment, that all changes.

Because I’ve packaged this science based solution into an easy-to-follow video you can do at home.

Let me introduce the first simple step of today’s breakthrough program.

Step #1 of My Healthy Blood Sugar Solution

Stretching for Healthy Blood Sugar

This is the first program of its kind.

A science-backed stretching routine designed specifically to activate your body’s ‘G4’ protein...

To instantly lower your blood sugar levels by double digits. 

Like pulling the rubber stopper in a full bathtub – these gentle seated stretches help drain the toxic sugar out of your blood…

And into your cells.

So instead of sitting in your bloodstream, where it eats away at your body like acid – causing a potential slew of deadly problems – it burns as clean energy.

Now you’ll be able to activate this “metabolic secret” using my simple video program.

  • I’ve filmed this simple stretching plan for you in high-quality 4K HD Video, so you can see exactly how it works from multiple angles.
  • Pause, rewind, fast-forward at your own pace. But it won’t take long to master this simple routine.
  • You can watch it on your personal computer, smartphone, or tablet — so you’ll always have it at home, or on the road.

And there are 3 easy options depending on your level of fitness and flexibility.

Yes, that means anyone. No matter your age, and even if you’ve never set foot in a gym in your whole life.

Easy Option #1) Seated Stretches

These are great for when you’re lounging around on the couch. Or, if you want to lower your blood sugar levels after eating a sweet breakfast. My personal favorite option.

Easy Option #2) Standing Stretches

Stuck in line at the bank? Been sitting all day and want to stretch out? Quickly drop up to 44 points off your blood sugar… almost instantly… with this fun & gentle standing routine. No jumping, running or moving necessary.

Easy Option #3) Lying Stretches

Isn’t it a chore to get out of bed in the morning? That’s how I feel sometimes anyway. After a big meal, it can be tough to fall asleep too. Either way, these 10 movements work best in bed.

Yes, you can still control your diabetes without getting out of bed. And I’ll show you how.

Within minutes of performing this revolutionary routine -- you might feel your blood sugar levels start to drop...

Like a fully-charged battery, this natural source of energy will fill your body, and transform your day.

No longer a slave to caffeine, don’t be surprised when you quit reaching for that 3pm cup of coffee.

Or when your mood suddenly lifts, and you can focus like you’re twenty years old again.

A few weeks later...

It’s not uncommon to see a slimmer, tighter waistline when you look down.

What would that mean for you?

A powerful trick in your “back pocket” to lower your blood sugar at any time… 

...without expensive drugs, painful pinpricks, or running around the gym like a crazy person.

If you’re ready to get started, click the button below now.

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But that’s just the beginning…

Because as part of my healthy blood sugar plan, you’ll also get this next incredible solution.

Step #2 of My Healthy Blood Sugar Solution

Add This Weird “Eskimo Nutrient” to Your Meals & Watch Your Blood Sugar Magically Reset Itself

Think about this:

How can people who devour fat… and never see vegetables… be so healthy? 

For thousands of years, they avoided heart disease.

And until recently, they didn’t even have a word for diabetes.

Health insiders call this secret “The Inuit Paradox.”

I call it Step #2  in today’s simple blood sugar solution.

(If you don’t like fish, or fish oil -- no problem. It’s neither of those.)

See, the secret is in your cells... 

You may know that:

  1. When you eat carbohydrates, your body breaks them down into blood sugar.
  2. But blood sugar can’t leave your bloodstream without a “vehicle” to move it...
  3. So you need the hormone insulin to transport the blood sugar into your cells, where it’s burned as energy

Unfortunately, after years of clobbering our system with carbs and sugars...

Our metabolism gets confused, and starts releasing too much insulin every time we eat.


Like “the boy who cried wolf,” your cells start ignoring the cries of insulin 

That’s what doctors mean when they say “Insulin Resistance.”

Now, with your blood glucose trapped in the bloodstream…

Your body pumps even more insulin to try and remove the blood sugar.

Eventually, your metabolism gets so tired -- it can hardly drip out any more insulin.

All the while, like a clogged sink...

Corrosive glucose floods your body — putting you at increased risk for:

Blindness… Amputation of a limb… Nerve damage… and Kidney failure.

But if you follow the 2 simple steps in my blood sugar solution...

You can completely avoid all of these risks.

Better yet...

This 1 Eskimo secret can reverse the metabolic death spiral

Ok, enough teasing. The food I’m talking about is...

Animal Fat! 

For thousands of years, Eskimos have thrived on a high-fat diet of seals, fish, and walrus.

But you can find this same type of fat in delicious foods like bacon, cheese, butter and more.

Or, if you prefer a vegan or vegetarian diet, then some plant fats act just like animal fats (olive oil, for instance).

  • Not many people know: fat is extremely energy dense…
  • Which means every gram of fat contains more than double the energy as a gram of carbohydrates…
  • And contrary to the decades-old myth — fat does NOT clog up your arteries.

That’s right, a study from University of California Davis analyzed 350,000 men and women.

And over 23 years, their research found zero link between fat and increased risk for heart disease.

For anyone struggling with diabetes or pre-diabetes…

This type of fat is a GODSEND because it doesn’t flood your body with insulin

If you’re trying to increase your insulin sensitivity and control your blood sugar (especially the after-meal spikes)...

Animal fat has been proven to naturally fix insulin resistance.

50 Years Ago “Big Sugar” Execs
Secretly Bribed Harvard Doctors to
BLAME Dietary Fat & Sell More Sugar

Horrified at studies which linked sugar consumption to heart disease — Big Sugar executives paid a secret $50,000 “bribe” to this doctor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Frederick Stone.

Not to fund life-saving research, but to DOWNPLAY the deadly effects of sugar & carbs on the human body -- so they could sell more sugar-based products (and get richer).

These studies blamed dietary fat for America’s heart disease problem... so for 50 years... well-meaning family doctors told patients to avoid fat like the plague. 

But now health insiders like myself are waking up, and I’ll show you how to add this “miracle food” inside your copy of Stretching for Healthy Blood Sugar (click here).

The science is undeniable.

A landmark study showed people who added animal fat to their diet:

  • Lost nearly double the weight of the group who followed the guidance of The American Diabetes Association...
  • Shed a whopping 1 pound per week in excess weight…
  • And the most amazing part? 95% of them completely eliminated or reduced their diabetes medications!

When you combine today’s simple stretches -- with the tasty meals in my healthy blood sugar plan below...

You’ll have a proven action plan to control your blood sugar…

To finally free yourself — naturally — from diabetes & insulin resistance.

Here’s the deal: because I want you to start fixing your blood sugar as quickly as possible…

I’ve gone step further, and created a simple 7-day meal plan with the most delicious high-fat recipes I could find.

Today You’ll Also Receive a Copy of My New Book:

The 7-Day Meal Plan for Healthy Blood Sugar

Most of these easy-to-cook recipes take just minutes… yet taste like you’ve slaved away in the kitchen for hours.

Don’t worry if you aren’t an “Iron Chef,” because these tasty recipes are so easy my 9-year-old could make them on his own.

Here are just a few samples of the delectable meals you and your family will enjoy:

That’s still just a small sample of all the tasty dishes coming your way.

All-in-all — you’ll get 14 different diabetes-friendly recipes. And because these meals are rich in healthy fats, you’ll feel surprisingly full.

Better yet, you won’t go reaching for sweets either, because it also helps lower your sugar cravings.

It’s so simple, yet it doesn’t even require much cooking!

Just follow the simple recipes inside & watch everyone’s eyes light up when they taste the mouth-watering FEAST you whipped up

Each ingredient can be found at a local supermarket.

(Don’t worry, if they’re out, they can also easily be found online)

That’s why this FREE cookbook is perfect for men and women who are:

  • Struggling with insulin resistance and can’t find the time to cook every day
  • Trying to avoid unhealthy processed foods
  • Trying to support healthy blood sugar levels, but also feel full
  • Wanting to slim down and lose unsightly body fat
  • Eager to support healthy digestion
  • Trying to eat “heart healthy”
Risk Free Acceptance Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

(Regular Retail Price = $254)

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Get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to Stretching for Healthy Blood Sugar and its bonuses. You get lifetime access to everything 24/7/365, on any computer or mobile device.

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The Healthy Blood Sugar Shopping List 

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The first FREE bonus today is The Healthy Blood Sugar Shopping List. Your time is precious, and it shouldn’t be wasted running laps around the grocery aisles...

So just print out this checklist and bring it with you on your next grocery trip.

You’ll know exactly what to buy, and in which part of the store. I’ve even organized it into categories — so you can get in and out as efficiently as possible.

But we’re still not finished yet...

...and if you thought you were going to give up silky chocolate desserts and mouth-watering sweets — think again!


10 Tasty Desserts that Won’t Spike Your Blood Sugar

($39 Value — Yours FREE)

One thing you might not know about me: I have a sweet tooth. I LOVE dessert, and if we’re on the same page…

Then you’ll be thrilled to rip open this short-n-sweet guide (pun intended) — filled with a DOZEN dessert recipes to die for.

Bite into these Blackberry and Rhubarb Crumble…Strawberry and Lemon Granita with Coconut Yogurt and spoon a mouthful of Granola Dessert Sundae — without an ounce of guilt.

Because I’ve hand-picked “smart sweet” recipes that don’t mess up your blood sugar.

What’s more, if you act today I’ll also send you this gift worth $67 — totally free.


30 Foods Proven to Lower Your Blood Sugar

($49 Value — Yours FREE)

A trusty guide made specifically for diabetics and pre-diabetics — now, with this list of 30 healthy foods & ingredients — you’ll always know which foods are safe for your blood sugar.

With all these healthy eating options stocked in your fridge, you won’t be forced to make poor eating decisions… which can bump you off course on achieving your goals.

What does that all add up to?

  • Stretching for Healthy Blood Sugar
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