by Rick Kaselj
Kinesiologist, Pain & Injury Specialist

YES! You can live pain free everyday.

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Hi, I’m Rick Kaselj - my clients and students call me “The Pain Hacker.”

The information and exercises in this exciting program are not copied from someone else's work, or something I overheard at the health and fitness center. Rick-KaseljI am a Registered Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer, and I carefully research every angle of the problems I tackle. My system is the result of my Masters of Science degree focusing on corrective exercise and therapeutic exercise, years of firsthand experience, constantly searching for, and developing the best pain hacks, and teaching those to thousands of other fitness & health professionals and individuals... PLUS thousands of personal training sessions with pain sufferers, and the careful analysis of hundreds of medical research papers.

I’ve done thorough studies and kept scrupulous records from hundreds of my clients to determine which techniques actually worked in real life. I’ve spent years answering questions and questioning answers, collecting data, doing assessments to test and retest methods, and coming up with the best and most effective ones.

I have seen fitness myths and fads come and go, but my methods remain valuable over time.

I know that there is no better way to prove you that my programs effectively work than for you to try it for yourself.

Let’s accept the fact that there’s nothing more powerful than first-hand experience.
And knowing that I’ve helped thousands of people around the world to get back to their happy, healthy and pain-free life is much more personally valuable than monetary rewards.

Thus, I’d like to send you a FREE copy of my newest DVD, “The 90-Second Pain Solution

This system will not only help you naturally manage your chronic pain, but will also enable you to...

  • Achieve a maximum level of body performance
  • Find a gateway to a better sleep cycle and enhanced quality of life
  • Manage and prevent additional sources of pain in the future
  • Decrease your stress and improve your mood
  • Obtain a toolbox of effective strategies and techniques for pain relief

Since 1994, I’ve been helping people overcome chronic back and joint pain, and regain better range of motion and increased flexibility, so they can go back to living a happy and active life.

In this free DVD, I go through the most common types of chronic pain that people encounter, such as sharp and shooting back pain, crippling knee aches and severe shoulder and elbow pain. I give you a quick and simple “90 Second Pain Solution” that you can do anytime and anywhere to overcome the aches and pains that have been keeping you from enjoying life.

Here are just a few of the pain fixes that you’ll find in “The Pain Hacker:”

My unconventional “Pain Fixes” have been featured in Men’s Health Magazine, on, in Men’s Journal and dozens of other magazines, newspapers and online medical resource sites.

Plus, my pain hacks are used by thousands of health & fitness professionals worldwide who want their clients to stay happy, healthy, and pain free.

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BONUS - Top 10 Morning Movements To Loosen Up Your Joints

You will also get this quick and easy reference guide. If you don't have time to watch a video in the morning before heading to office but you want to go to work feeling great, you have this guide that you can simply print out and refer to anytime. It will show you in one page, the simple step-by-step pictorial format of exactly what to do to execute the 3 best movements for your neck, shoulder and back.

A quick flip through of the guide is all you need to help you perform a couple of exercises that are not risky, not painful, and safe to loosen up specific joints. I will show you precisely how to carry out the exercises to relieve your pain when you get up, go to bed or whenever you need it. This is the perfect supplement that offers fast benefit!

See what people are saying about my “Pain Hacks”...

You saved my career!

Marco-MuraThank you Rick, you saved my career!

Marco Mura
Professional Forester, Sardegna, Italy

My trainers and clients to turn to Rick...

My trainers and clients to turn to Rick when if they want their problems to get fixed and rehabilitated.

Greg Beitling
Lit Fitness, Blue Springs Boot Camp

Rick made it easy...

Rick made what could have been a complex concept easy to understand.

Tara Stevens
Personal Trainer, Coquitlam, BC, Canada

I used the 90 second pain relief alone and it helped relieve the pain right away...

Audal-AcostaI used the 90 second pain relief alone and it helped relieve the pain right away and after playing sports I feel better and the pain is not as intense. I thought I would just have to retire due to the foot pain, but I now see there is hope with your program it has helped me a lot.

Audal Acosta

If you’re suffering from chronic back or joint pain, and you’ve been unable to find relief, the simple pain hacks in my DVD will finally end your daily torment so you can reclaim your full and active life. I have a limited number of DVDs available and I'd like to send you one for FREE with no strings attached.

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Rick Kaselj

The Pain Hacker

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